The Toll Roads and Transportation Corridor Agencies Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) Annual Report on financials is now available.

At $260,223,000, revenues were up collectively and for each of our two agencies.  The number of FasTrak® accounts increased, as did the number of transponders that we have in California vehicles.  During the year, 80 million tolls were paid and 85 percent of those tolls were paid electronically.  We ended the year with $523 million in reserve funds. 

In FY13, we welcomed a new chief executive officer, chief financial officer and 14 new Board Members who are leading the agencies and The Toll Roads with a focus on customer service; building direct connections from The Toll Roads to local freeways to advance regional mobility; working diligently to find an alternative to Interstate 5; and offering Southern California drivers an express choice that is predictable, saves time and reduces stress.

Click here to view the audited financial statements for each agency. 

FINAL Infographic SocialMediaAR13

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