The Toll Roads have teamed up with Albertsons to make opening a FasTrak® account even more convenient and accessible for Southern California drivers. FasTrak transponders are now available at 30 of Albertsons’ Orange County retail locations and come with up to $9 in free tolls.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 6.23.54 PMCustomers can open a new FasTrak account with The Toll Roads and get a transponder at participating Albertsons Orange County stores for $36.  Once the transponder is activated on, $40 in prepaid tolls will be automatically credited to the account. For a limited time, customers will receive an additional $5 in free tolls, amounting to a total of $45 in tolls in their new FasTrak account. As an added bonus, customers who choose to replenish their new FasTrak account using electronic check will be credited a total of $50 in tolls through the holiday season. The promotion is valid through January 14, 2014.

Each new FasTrak transponder package comes with:

  • One FasTrak transponder from The Toll Roads
  • Information booklet containing
    • Registration instructions for establishing an account
    • FasTrak License Agreement
    • The Toll Roads Privacy Policy
    • Map of The Toll Roads
    • Information about The Toll Roads App
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Mounting strips

“TCA is the creator of FasTrak and was the first toll authority in California to sell transponders in retail stores.  The retail program has proven successful and I am thrilled that we are expanding the program to include Albertsons Orange County stores,” said Neil Peterson, CEO of TCA, the public agencies responsible for operating The Toll Roads. “The stature of the Albertsons name will — without a doubt — enable us to expand our reach to potential new customers.”

FasTrak transponders are distributed at Albertsons’ service desk. See Albertsons cashier for information on the holiday promotion.

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