Birthday Wishes As FasTrak Turns 20

As you know, FasTrak® celebrated its 20th birthday on Wednesday.  There were plenty of well wishes and news coverage on the big day. – the industry’s leading website for news about toll roads, turnpikes, toll bridges, toll tunnels and road pricing — published the following piece on the history of FasTrak.

California’s FasTrak celebrates 20th birthday HISTORY

“California’s electronic toll brand FasTrak has its 20th birthday October 16. The first FasTrak tolls were taken mid-morning October 16, 1993 at the mainline Portola Parkway South plaza on the first short 3.2 miles of the 241 Foothill/Eastern Toll Road in Orange County south of Los Angeles. Also on off-ramps near Irvine and Lake Forest that began electronic toll collection at the same time, around 10am the same day…”  Read the full article here. posted an exclusive interview with Trabuco Canyon resident Brian Clifton, who has the distinction of being the state’s first FasTrak customer.

FasTrak Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

“Brian Clifton, a retired Irvine police sergeant, was the first to get a pass and use it when the 241 Toll Road opened in Orange County, and he appeared with officials from the state’s Transportation Corridor Agencies at an event at the Tomato Springs Toll Plaza to mark the anniversary….”

“If you’re sitting on the 5 Freeway you’re wasting gas, time and not to mention the wear and tear on your car. All that stuff adds up and I don’t think people realize that,” Clifton said. “The cost is secondary to the time saved.”  Click here to read the full interview.

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