Another Year of Excellence: The Toll Roads’ Customer Service Continues to Shine

The Toll Roads remain committed to prioritizing the needs of drivers and making the customer experience as satisfying and stress-free as possible — regardless of the challenges in the world around us. In Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21), for another year in a row, drivers have given The Toll Roads’ Customer Service high marks. 

The Toll Roads solicit feedback from customers who speak with a representative by offering a short survey at the end of every call.  

In FY21, The Toll Roads Customer Service Representatives answered approximately 1 million calls with an impressive average wait time of just three minutes and fourteen seconds. The Toll Roads also welcomed nearly 187,000 new accounts during the year, reaching the milestone of having 2 million open FasTrak® accounts on September 9.  

Customers who spoke with a representative gave an overall satisfaction score of 4.5 out of 5. Representatives scored highest for 1.) listening and understanding and 2.) for their ability to answer questions.  

The survey results were used to calculate The Toll Roads’ Net Promoter Score — a widely used metric that rates the likelihood a customer would recommend a company, product or service to a friend or colleague. The Toll Roads FY21 Net Promoter Score is 70, a four-point improvement over the previous year. 

“This score is on the high end,” said Vinny Valdez, Chief Toll Operations Officer for the Transportation Corridor Agencies, the government agencies responsible for planning, designing, financing, constructing and operating The Toll Roads. “By way of comparison, the Net Promoter scores for two, beloved high-scoring companies are Apple at 47 and then the gold-standard for customer service is Starbucks, at 77. On the low-end, there is one social media company that had a score of minus 27, meaning they had more disappointed than satisfied customers.” 

The Toll Roads saw a 40% increase in payments using PayNearMe in FY21. PayNearMe processes cash payments for thousands of businesses and government agencies at more than 27,000 retail locations in the U.S. using simple barcode technology. 

Always evolving to enhance and expand customer service offerings, The Toll Roads partnered with PayNearMe to give drivers the option to pay tolls, replenish FasTrak® accounts and pay violations with cash at participating 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart and Family Dollar locations nationwide. 

“PayNearMe is another way that we empower our drivers to take control of their Toll Roads experience in the way that works best for them. Not every driver is the same. Not every set of expectations is the same. We know that and we strive to give drivers the tools to make toll paying fast and easy,” Valdez said. 

The Toll Roads offer an array of options for customers to pay at, via The Toll Roads app and through the PayNearMe partnership.   

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