F/ETCA Strong Leadership Recognized — OC Register List of 125 Top Influencers 

The Orange County Register annually recognizes individuals who make the county a better place for its 3.2 million residents.

For 2021, The Register recognized the work of 125 remarkable individuals as the Top Influencers in the county. The list included professional athletes, gold medalists, activists, philanthropists, humanitarians and others who assisted those in need, particularly during another year of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Representative of the strong leadership the Transportation Corridor Agencies have on its two Boards of Directors, Yorba Linda City Council member and Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (F/ETCA) Chair Peggy Huang made the newspaper’s list of 125 Top Influencers for 2021

Huang was re-elected to serve as Chair of the Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (F/ETCA) during 2022 and was previously appointed to the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) by both Boards of Directors and is serving her second two-year term.  

SCAG is the largest Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in the nation, encompassing six counties, 191 cities, six county transportation commissions, tribal governments and air quality control districts. Nearly half of California’s population is concentrated in SCAG’s region. In 2010, TCA joined SCAG as a member of the Regional Council and, as a result, has provided valuable input on regional policies, sustainability goals and transportation planning initiatives. 

TCA’s facilities and approaches to demand management are critical components of the regional transportation system and play a key role in assisting SCAG and the South Coast Air Quality Management District meet strict air quality standards set forth by the federal government and California Air Resources Board. Combined The Toll Roads have helped shape Orange County’s quality of life and become a strong economic hub for the region. 

“We see the benefit of Chair Huang’s insight and dedication to smart governance and policy development on a regular basis,” said TCA CEO Samuel Johnson. “The recognition from The Orange County Register is deserved and appreciated because the entirety of the county gets the opportunity to view her accomplishments.” 

Under Chair Huang’s leadership the F/ETCA weathered the economic challenges of the pandemic, executed debt management strategies that provided more than $214 million in debt service savings, continued to advance critical mobility projects like the 241/91 Express Connector and established the strategic planning framework for the Agency’s financial future and continued support for the efficient movement of people and goods.

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