125TH_RP_HONDA_208xWatching the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade tomorrow?  If so, keep an eye out for a float sponsored by DigAlert encouraging property owners to use DigAlert’s free underground service before digging so that buried utilities can be identified and do-it-yourself mishaps can be avoided.

This is the first Rose Parade float for DigAlert.  It is covered with several types of seeds, grasses and petals, 9,000 roses, 3,000 Bombay dendrobium orchids and a slew of other natural materials.

77-underground-service-alert-2014Visit DigAlert’s Facebook page to view float photos and get the latest news from parade central.

The Toll Roads use DigAlert (also known as Underground Service Alert of Southern California) every day to protect the extensive fiber-optic cabling and utility systems that help manage our 51 miles of roadway.  Dozens of DigAlerts for construction projects on and near The Toll Roads are received and reviewed by our engineers every month to prevent damage and we use the DigAlert system to be informed about construction projects that may affect our drivers’ trips on The Toll Roads.

1503883_558748330882139_1835351988_nDigAlert has been providing its free public service to Southern California since 1976 and is funded by more than 900 Southern California utilities. Before you dig anywhere contact DigAlert at http://www.digalert.org or call 811.

Look for the DigAlert float in the Rose Parade and have a safe and happy New Year!

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