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Hopefully you’ve heard that cash toll collection is being removed from The Toll Roads in May.  We’ve created a few videos explaining the changes that are happening on the roads.

This video is an introduction to all-electronic tolling on The Toll Roads.  Although we are removing one method of payment (cash), there are now five ways to pay on The Toll Roads.

Watch this video to learn about the three new ExpressAccount types.  With an ExpressAccount, photos of a vehicle’s license plate are used to record transactions and tolls can be charged to a credit card that evening, withdrawn from a prefunded account or invoiced once per month.

Finally, this video explains the new One-Time-Toll payment option, which was created specifically for area visitors and infrequent users of The Toll Roads.  There is no account setup and no transponder, simply drive The Toll Roads and, within 48 hours after your trip, go online or use our free app to pay tolls.

And, remember, for FasTrak drivers the conversion to all-electronic toll collection will be seamless and uneventful.  FasTrak accountholders don’t have to make any changes to their accounts with the conversion.



Meet Layne, Our New Spokesperson

meet-layne-modalLayne is on a mission to let SoCal drivers know there’s a better alternative to sitting in congested freeway traffic.

Is the freeway really free or is it costing you?  Each year, the average SoCal driver spends 61 hours stuck in freeway traffic.  That adds up to more than $1,300 every year in wasted time and gas, not to mention the cost of vehicle wear-and-tear.  Driving The Toll Roads puts a stop to the stop-and-go and is the ideal solution for saving time, money and sanity.

Keep an eye out for Layne on the road, at events, in the news and on Facebook. She’ll be around with great tips that will change the way you drive in Southern California.