Daily Archives: February 7, 2014


ENP_4583As The Toll Roads work toward the May removal of cash toll collection on State Routes 73, 133, 241 and 261, proven state-of-the-art tolling equipment is being installed at every tolling location on the 51 miles of roadway.  The equipment supports FasTrak and the three new ExpressAccount payment types introduced in January.

So far, this equipment has been installed at the Irvine Ranch (SR 261), Tomato Springs (SR 241), Orange Grove (SR 133) and Catalina View (SR 73) Mainline Toll Plazas.  Drivers will notice that the lights on the overhead gantries at the tolling points have changed.  Because the ExpressAccount types use license plate numbers – instead of FasTrak transponders – to collect tolls, each vehicle’s front and back license plate must now be illuminated so that a photo can be taken of each.

Formerly, only black and white photos were taken of license plates using infrared lighting to identify vehicles that did not pay the toll.  Now, color images with a greater level of detail are required.   These photos ensure that the correct license plate is linked to the corresponding ExpressAccount.  Changes to California’s standard license plate also made it necessary to begin taking color photos. 

ENP_4750The lights are the same type used on police cars, ambulances and fire trucks around the country as they share the roadway with other drivers.   At The Toll Roads’ tolling locations, the light produces a safe, momentary 200 microsecond flash.  

Over the last seven years, these lights have been installed in more than 500 toll lanes nationwide to support license plate tolling.  Again, we understand that it is not uncommon for motorists to notice the lights when they are first installed, but experience shows that within a couple of weeks of installation drivers grow accustomed to them.